Five under £5 – March 2016

Five items under £5

Five under £5 – March 2016

I love Rainbeaubelle’s blog where she runs this monthly feature. Her blog is what mine wants to be when it grows up! She deals with family, love and loss on her blog so do check it out here As this is a fitness/family blog, I have elected to try to find 5 running items under £5. A bit of a challenge but I think I have done it.

1.Water Bottle

AM at Wirral Half marathon

When the going gets tough at the Wirral Half Marathon..

I have had the water bottle  for a while and use it when I am training for a half marathon. I took it during the Wirral Half Marathon last year and taped a Nakd bar to it for fuel. The water bottle is handy so that you don’t have to stop at the water stations and lose precious time. I bought mine from Runner’s Sports in Hoylake for £1.79. This is where I get my shoes from which cost considerably more than £5 but the advice on fitting there is priceless.


Running vest

Dreaming of summer…or at least of buying some fake tan!


2. Running vest from Decathlon

I found this running vest from Decathlon in Warrington for £3.99. I am already dreaming of warmer weather so looking forward to wearing this lovely colour in the warmer months. It will be great for my weekly yoga class too. Just be careful with the sizing. I recommend that you try the clothes on before you buy as I am normally a medium (size 10-12) and I had to buy a medium/large in the vest to get a good fit.


Pants and socks

More Decathlon goodies


These were both £4.99, again from Decathlon. I haven’t tested them yet but the pants are super soft. The socks look as good quality as any I have bought from more recognised brands. Decathlon has great stuff for kids too; my 9 year old daughter is kitted out head to toe in Decathlon for her running club including trainers which I bought for £11.99. She loves wearing them. (PS I am not a Decathlon ambassador although I wish I was!)

  1. Event clips

    Event clips

    Event clips – they do exactly what they say on the tin.

These are £3.99 from UK Run Chat web site. As my Mersey Tri run top suffered a run from a safety pin I ordered these. They are more stylish and are less likely to pull your running tops. I wore them to the Manchester Winter Series Run and was very pleased with them.  If you are on Twitter, one of the best things about UK Run Chat is the support offered to runners by tweeting. They have chat hours on Sunday and Wednesdays between 8-9pm where you can ask anything and get answers from your fellow runners. A great way to find like-minded runners when your family are fed up listening to you discussing races!

  1. Parkrun

I have saved the best until last.  This doesn’t strictly speaking cost anything but it does help to laminate your card (see the main picture) so there is a small cost. I will explain more if you have not come across parkrun before. About 11 years ago, the founders set up a free timed run in a park. The aim was that it would be free if everyone took a turn a volunteering. The model has proved enormously successful and it is now a global phenomenon with over 543 parkruns worldwide and 1 million runners having taken part.  My local parkrun is Birkenhead; 3 laps of the upper park, a total of 5km. I never thought it would be possible to get under 25 mins for my PB for that distance but I managed it last October with a time of 24.43. The volunteers do a great job and the magic with the bar code is amazing. About 3-4 hours after the race, the results are sent to you by email. The mantra is don’t forget your bar code!

I hope you like my selection and feel inspired to lace up your trainers now!

5 thoughts on “Five under £5 – March 2016

  1. Hayley @hayleyfromhome

    I’m trying to work myself up to starting running so this is actually really useful, one of my friends told me I need a water bottle just like that and our local park run is very popular! I just need to be brave and get out there 🙂 #fiveunder5

  2. Tracey Williams

    My husband has been running for the past year and he has the clips to attach his number to his top. He used them the other Sunday when he did his 2nd 10k. I will tell him about the Decathlon in Warrington as he is always looking for running items x

    1. Ann Currie Post author

      Brilliant. Decathlon is just such good value for money, that’s why it’s so great in my opinion. I hope he likes it too when he gets there. X

  3. Julia @ Rainbeaubelle

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my blog! 🙂 So lovely of you. I am really just getting into running again and have had to ease off a bit this week because of a hurt ankle, but will be back on it next week. Great tips here for a newbie like me. I do like Decathlon, could do with paying it a visit! The vest and socks and pants look really good quality. Thanks so much for joining in! x


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