Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…with Liverpool Santa Dash!

Adventurous Mum at the start

Adventurous Mum and daughter at the start

The only thing that I have been super organised for this Christmas was the BTR Liverpool Santa Dash – I entered in July! I think that says a lot about my mindset for running events and how much I enjoy them. I entered my 9 year old daughter Tamsin as she had not long done her first junior triathlon and she too was riding on the crest of a wave.

Fast forward to Sunday 6th December 2015, the enthusiasm with which we entered had faded just a little bit, faced with the aftermath of Storm Desmond and a forecast that kept changing but was essentially wet and still quite windy.

Still, we got dressed up in our Santa suits, coaxed the support crew (Adventurous Dad and Tamsin’s twin brother) into coming with us with the promise of hot chocolate and croissants after the race and joined what was hoped to be around 8,500 Santas in Liverpool City Centre. We had a lot of fun watching all the different Santas at the start line. People had really gone to town modifying their costumes and Tamsin was particularly taken with the man who wore a costume so that it looked as if he was being carried by Rudolph.

We had managed to stay dry until this point but just as the start gun went off, the rain started. It wasn’t too heavy so we were still in good spirits at this point.

Selfie of Adventurous Mum

Selfie while waiting for the start gun

With so many Santas it took a while to get over the start line and start running. Even then, we couldn’t get a speed any higher than jogging which was probably just as well as Tamsin was getting over a cold and didn’t feel particularly like running.
The best bit was the atmosphere. It was as if everyone was out for a bit of Sunday stroll, really! There were no timing chips so it really wasn’t competitive and a genuine fun run. We bumped into some people we knew on the course which always gives a lift no matter what the race. It was just a shame the rain didn’t ease off at all until after the race. I reached the point where the water was dripping off my Santa hat and down my neck. Not only that, the trousers were dragging on the ground and getting wetter by the minute.

Photo of Tamsin

Tamsin sprinting away from me

However, the finish getting closer and we could hear a drumming band (I later found out they were Katumba band and there were 50 of them) which really spurred us on, so much so that Tamsin said “Let’s run!” and took off without me! Luckily I caught her up and we high fived the bears and fairies at the finish.

Photo of medals

Nice bit of race bling

The medal is truly awesome. I think it might look quite nice on the tree although it is very heavy. It was the first time I have had to dry out the medal ribbon after a race though!

All in all, a well organised race as usual from BTR – they just need to have a word with Santa (or the Met office) to arrange better weather for next year. Yep, we’ll be doing it again. I wonder what we will have to bribe the support crew with next year!

Have you done any Christmas themed races this year? They seem to be growing in popularity. Would be great to see your photos!

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