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When I was thinking about starting a blog, I initially thought that I would write about my adventures in triathlon and running. I love both of those activities but I realised there is more to me than that. I love camping, hillwalking and have started learning to canoe. I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and fenced at university. I haven’t done it for a while but I also love scuba diving and have more than 100 dives under my belt. More than all of that, I love spending time with my kids and trying to encourage them to be more active. So, on giving it some more thought, Adventurous Mum was born.

Now before I get started, I need to set the record straight. I haven’t trekked to Himalayas base camp, done an Iron Man or an ultramarathon. I haven’t even done a regular marathon of the 26.2 miles variety (although I think I have one in me and may do one next year) or walked the West Highland Way (although would love to do that too). So if you are looking for really adventurous people, this is not the blog for you. I am looking to scratch a creative urge that isn’t often satisfied by my job as a lawyer and perhaps encourage a few of you along the way to be more adventurous for both yourself and your children if you have them. I am hoping that in blogging I would open myself up to more adventure too.

Now that my children are older, I find myself yearning to be outdoors, running, cycling or walking. Open water swimming adds another dimension to being in the great outdoors which I now love (after a shaky start, it has to be said – more on that in another post). There is something particularly liberating about looking up from the water and not seeing a swimming pool roof but a beautiful blue sky (well, I live in hope with the Great British weather).

I also came to most of these activities in my adult years as my family didn’t really do any of these things when I was growing up. So I guess I am making up for lost time at this stage. I also want to give my children that love of being active and being outdoors. It all helps to get them away from their screens! I also try to find adventure in everyday activities, looking for wildlife when we are out for walks or exploring places we haven’t been before.

So join me and my family on our adventures and let’s share our stories, tips and adventures along the way.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Ann Currie Post author

    Thanks taking the time to comment Jayne. There will be more posts to come and I hope you enjoy them.


  2. Bev Ashton

    Hi Ann,
    What a fabulous idea! I’ve been thinking about blogging about our adventures in Texas but don’t know where to start!! I’m inspired by you and I can understand your desire to get the kids away from the screens! We are going to our first camp out this weekend and we are all excited! We are hoping for clear skies and a million stars (fingers crossed!!) we are camping with the scouts here and they encourage the whole family to take part! You don’t just leave your kiddos at the camping field and pick them up 2 days later! You share a tent with your child and do all the activities as a family! Such a wonderful thing to do! I am looking forward to to reading your blog, Ann. (Any advice would be gratefully received on how you started yours and how to do it!!)
    Bev x (and Jay obviously!!)

    1. Ann Currie Post author

      Hi Bev,

      Lovely to hear from you. The camp sounds great. I would be happy for you to have a guest blog here on how it goes! if you want to start your own, best to get the technical side from Jay (I am still grappling with this). I read a lot of other blogs and read “Blogging for Dummies”. I got some great general advice from my friend at Mini Travellers/Mini Ventures so see if you can find anyone local who blogs.

      Hope that helps and I look forward to receiving your guest post!! Photos would be great too. I am so glad that you are enjoying the move x

    1. Ann Currie Post author

      Thank you so much. Your advice has been invaluable. I hope we can link up on Mini Ventures. I love your posts there x

  3. Nicola

    Anne, what a great idea! This is so refreshing to read. As part of a culture who have an ever increasing indoors lifestyle, this is inspirational.

    I want to be more adventurous myself, so I’m hoping to be motivated by your blog.

    Great news Anne x

    1. Ann Currie Post author

      Hi Nicola,

      Thank you for your lovely comments. When the spring comes back round, we will all be out enjoying the sunshine. x


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